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Earn up to1.5% daily profitfrom AI trading

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We offer a wide range of bots for every taste: the various trading terms and the end profit amount combinations will allow you to select the most suitable solution according to your personal requirements


MiniBot 5 NFS
  • Rental term:
    30 days
  • Balance:
    15-250 USD
  • Daily profit:
    0.562% - 0.565%


StandartBot 10 NFS
  • Rental term:
    60 days
  • Balance:
    45-700 USD
  • Daily profit:
    0.67% - 0.72%


ProBot 15 NFS
  • Rental term:
    90 days
  • Balance:
    100-2500 USD
  • Daily profit:
    0.8% - 1.05%


NetPremium 40 NFS
  • Rental term:
    60 days
  • Balance:
    1000-10000 USD
  • Daily profit:
    1.01% - 1.52%

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